The Allies of Sunni Muslims vs Shia / Shiite Muslims in Latin America

The Allies of Sunni Muslims vs Shia / Shiite Muslims in Latin America

Why Islam is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America

About Us

The 877-WHY-ISLAM project was launched in 1999 by volunteers associated with Islamic Circle of North America (I.C.N.A.). It derives inspiration from the following Quranic verse:

“Invite all to the way of thy Lord, With wisdom and beautiful preaching, And argue with them, In ways that are best and most gracious” (16:125).

The project’s foremost aim is to provide accurate information about Islam, the fastest growing religion in the world which is practiced by over 1.6 billion people across the globe. In doing so, it hopes to dispel popular stereotypes and persistent misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

The following are some of the activities the Why Islam project engages in:

  • Hotline: The 877-WHY-ISLAM hotline is accessible 24/7. Professional and courteous attendants answer questions by curious and, sometimes, enraged callers.
  • Website: carries a wealth of articles and videos covering a vast array of subject matter, from the basics of Islam to the historical legacy of Muslims, from all sorts of social issues to interfaith material covering Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and much more. One may order free literature through the website, start a one-on-one email correspondence, join the interactive forum, sign up for a mosque visit, etc.
  • Brochures: Why Islam has published a variety of brochures on topics ranging from Concept of God in Islam to Women in Islam, from Sanctity of Life to Life After Death, from Worship in Islam to Human Rights in Islam, among others. In addition to English, brochures are available in Spanish and Chinese as well.
  • Billboards: Why Islam places billboards on highways across the country, inviting people to call the hotline and visit the website in order to have questions answered and learn about Islam directly from a reliable, authentic source.
  • Booths: Why Islam’s informational booths are located at malls, street fairs, and book fairs nationwide. They offer free literature, including brochures, copies of Quran, books on the basics of Islam, as well as the opportunity to interface directly with Muslims who are willing to answer any question.
  • Ads/Videos: Why Islam ads can be heard on the radio or seen on television in several markets. Why Islam videos can be accessed via the website as well as

Why Islam is an authoritative source on Islam, complete with authentic and accurate material. Whether you have no previous knowledge of Islam or are already familiar with it, we invite you to explore this site with an open mind and view the wide selection of articles, videos, and brochures on display. In addition, we urge you to ask questions through the many opportunities we present to establish contact with our associates.

In the process, we hope to create more informed perspectives and productive discourses around Islam and Muslims!

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The Allies of Sunni Muslims  in Latin America:

  1. Primeiro Comando da Capital
  2. Terceiro Comando
  3. Terceiro Comando Puro
  4. Amigos dos Amigos
  5. La Mara Salvatrucha 13 or MS 13
  6. Mexican Mafia
  7. Sinaloa Drug Cartel
  8. Zapatista EZLN
  9. Paramilitary Groups of Colombia like AUC
  10. Paramilitary Groups in Latin America
  11. Colombian Drug Cartels
  12. Peruvian Drug Cartels
  13. Association Neta
  14. Trinitario
  15. Surenos 13
  16. Jamaican Crime Groups
  17. Haitian Crime Groups
  18. Pro-Sunni Muslim Indigenous / Amerindian Ethnic Groups in Latin America:
    1. The Maya of Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador and Central America Northern Triangle
    2. Taino of Caribbean and Eastern Cuba
    3. The Ngabe Bugle or Guaymi of Panama
    4. The Chorotega of Northern Costa Rica
    5. Bribri of Southern Costa Rica
    6. The Embera of Panama and Colombia
    7. The Arawak of Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean South America
    8. The Shuar Jivaro of Ecuador
    9. The Amazonian Tribes Brazil
    10. The Guarani of Tri Border Region of Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Eastern Bolivia
    11. The Mapuche of Araucania Chile
    12. The Teheulche, Selknam and Yaghan of Argentina and Patagonia
    13. Indigenous Peoples in Colombia
    14. The Zapotec of Southern Mexico
    15. The Garifuna of Guatemala
    16. The Kuna of Panama
  19. Death Squads in Latin America

Sunni Allies in Latin America

Sunni Allies in Latin America


Sunni vs Shia Potential Fighting Sites in Latin America:


The  Allies of Shia / Shiite Muslims in Latin America:

  1. Comando Vermelho

  2. Paraguayan crime groups
  3. Família do Norte
  4. Primeiro Grupo Catarinense
  5. FARC
  6. ELN
  7. Sandinista FSLN
  8. FMLN
  9. 18th Street Gang
  10. Los Zetas Drug Cartel
  11. Nortenos 14
  12. Nuestra Familia
  13. Pro-Shia Muslim Indigenous / Amerindian Ethnic Groups in Latin America:
      1. The Pipil of El Salvador
      2. The Lenca of Honduras
      3. The Miskito of Nicaragua
      4. The Wayuu of Guajira Peninsula, Zulia and Lake Maracaibo Colombia and Venezuela in South America
      5. The Quechua Inca of Peru and Andes
      6. The Aymara Inca of Bolivia and Andes
      7. The Tupi of Brazil
      8. The Taino of Cuba
      9. The Kichwa Inca of Ecuador
      10. The Caribs of Venezuela

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