Muslim Brotherhood is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America

Muslim Brotherhood is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America


The Society of the Muslim Brothers (Arabic: جماعة الإخوان المسلمين‎‎ Jamāʻat al-Ikhwān al-Muslimīn), shortened to the Muslim Brotherhood (الإخوان المسلمون al-Ikhwān al-Muslimūn), is a transnational Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt by Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928.[1][2][3][4] The organisation gained supporters throughout the Arab world and influenced other Islamist groups such as Hamas[5] with its “model of political activism combined with Islamic charity work”,[6] and in 2012 sponsored the elected political party in Egypt after the January Revolution in 2011. However, it suffered from periodic government crackdowns for alleged terrorist activities, and as of 2015 is considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain,[7][8] Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.[9][10][11][12]

The Brotherhood’s stated goal is to instill the Quran and the Sunnah as the “sole reference point for … ordering the life of the Muslim family, individual, community … and state”.[13] Its mottos include “Believers are but Brothers”, “Islam is the Solution”, and “Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish”.[14][15][16]

It is financed by members, who are required to allocate a portion of their income to the movement,[17] and was for many years financed by Saudi Arabia, with whom it shared some enemies and some points of doctrine.[17][18]

As a Pan-Islamic, religious, and social movement, it preached Islam, taught the illiterate, and set up hospitals and business enterprises. The group spread to other Muslim countries but has its largest, or one of its largest, organizations in Egypt despite a succession of government crackdowns in 1948,[19][20] 1954,[21] 1965, and 2013 after plots, or alleged plots, of assassination and overthrow were uncovered.[22][23][24]

The Arab Spring brought it legalization and substantial political power at first, but as of 2013 it has suffered severe reversals.[25] The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was legalized in 2011 and won several elections,[26] including the 2012 presidential election when its candidate Mohamed Morsi became Egypt’s first elected president after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

One year later, however, following massive demonstrations, anger at perceived discrimination and disenfranchisement against religious minorities and economic instability, Morsi was overthrown by the military and arrested.

The Brotherhood itself claims it is a peaceful, democratic organization,[27][28] and its leader “condemns violence and violent acts”.[29]


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