Musa Cerantonio: Political Islam is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America

Musa Cerantonio: Political Islam is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America


Musa Cerantonio was born in Australia to parents of Italian and Irish heritage. At age 17 he embraced Islam and began his studies of Arabic and Islam. At university in Australia he specialised in history and media, and he furthered these studies with additional education specifically regarding the rich Islamic history from Muslim sources, deciding to devote his time to a subject that is of great importance yet is often not taught. He continued his Islamic studies in Australia as well as abroad, spending time studying in Mindanao as well as in the Middle East.

Along with teaching regular classes about Islam and Islamic history in Australia, Musa regularly filmed with the Islamic channel Peace TV and took part in many conferences and seminars around the globe in various countries such as Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and the Philippines. Combining his Islamic knowledge with his media experience, he began working with various TV channels while based in Egypt for a number of years, hosting a Q&A program 6 days a week as well as producing a series about Islamic history.

He has consistently been one of the few voices among the Muslims in the West to focus on educating others about Islamic history as well as the affairs of the Muslim ummah, not shying away from speaking about topics concerning global Muslim affairs as well as the future of the ummah, much like 2 of his most respected examples, Sh. Ali At-Tamimi and Sh. Anwar Al-Awlaki.


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