Latin Kings Gang (Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation ADR 360 – ALKQN / ALKN / LK / LKN). A Member of the Global Shia (Shiite) Muslim (Hezbollah) Alliance

Latin Kings Gang (Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation ADR 360 – ALKQN / ALKN / LK / LKN). A Member of the Global Shia (Shiite) Muslim (Hezbollah) Alliance


Latin Kings graffiti of the King Master along with the abbreviations “L” and “K” on the sides.
Founding location Chicago, Illinois
Years active 1940′s — present
Territory Nationwide, in predominately Hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago, New York City as well as other
cities throughout the United States
Ethnicity Hispanic / mainly Puerto Rican and Mexican
Membership King Motherland Chicago faction – 20,000 to 35,000

Bloodline faction – 2,200 to 7,500

Criminal activities Racketeering, battery, arms trafficking, drug trafficking, extortion, identity document
forgery, robbery, and murder
Allies People Nation, Vice Lords, Bloods, United Blood Nation
Rivals Folk Nation, Maniac Latin Disciples, Spanish Gangster Disciples

The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN, ALKN, LKN) is said to be the largest and one of the most organized Hispanic street gang in the United States of America, which has its roots dating back to the 1940s in Chicago, Illinois.
Latin Kings

The Latin Kings street gang was formed in Chicago in the 1940s and consisted predominantly of Puerto Rican males. Although it was created by Puerto Ricans, most factions of the gang are now dominated by Mexicans, specifically in the Midwest—including Chicago, the city with the second largest Mexican population in the United States.

Originally created with the philosophy of overcoming racial prejudice and creating an organization of “Kings,” the Latin Kings evolved into a criminal enterprise operating throughout the United States under two umbrella factions—Motherland, also known as KMC (King Motherland Chicago), and Bloodline (New York City). All members of the gang refer to themselves as Latin Kings and, currently, individuals of any nationality are allowed to become members.


Latin Kings associating with the Motherland faction also identify themselves as “Almighty Latin King Nation (ALKN),” and make up more than 160 structured chapters operating in 158 cities in 31 states. The membership of Latin Kings following KMC is estimated to be 20,000 to 35,000. The Bloodline was founded by Luis Felipe in the New York State correctional system in 1986. Latin Kings associating with Bloodline also identify themselves as the “Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN).” Membership is estimated to be 2,200 to 7,500, divided among several dozen chapters operating in 15 cities in 5 states. Bloodline Latin Kings share a common culture and structure with KMC and respect them as the Motherland, but all chapters do not report to the Chicago leadership hierarchy. The gang’s primary source of income is the street-level distribution of powder cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Latin Kings continue to portray themselves as a community organization while engaging in a wide variety of criminal activities, including assault, burglary, homicide, identity theft, and money laundering.

LeadershipLatin King documents reveal that Gino Gustavo Colon (a.k.a. “Lord Gino”) is considered the leader or “Sun” of the Chicago Latin Kings. They also refer to him as their “Corona”, which means “Crown”. Currently he is serving a life sentence in federal prison due to a 25-count indictment, which includes charges of murder and conspiracy to distribute cocaine and other drugs.


Organizational structureThe Latin Kings have a hierarchical organizational structure: they have numerous “chapters” or “tribes” across the country, which adhere to a regional, state, and a national system. Officers (Inca, Casique and Enforcer) are supported by a “Crown Council” of seven members which set rules and regulations and holds disciplinary hearings. The hierarchy leads to regional officers and ultimately to the Supreme Inca ruler based in Chicago. The head (or heads) of the entire criminal organization are known as ”Coronas” (crowns in English). One retired detective said “When you compare them to other street gangs like the Bloods and the Crips, none compare to the organization of the Latin Kings.”.

Latin King gang member showing his gang tattoo, a lion with a crown, and signifying the 5 point star with his hands An example of common Latin Kings’ vandalism – showing a crude depiction of a five-pointed crown and the saying, “Amor de Rey”.The Latin King colors are black and gold; gang markings consist of a 5 or 3-point crown, writings of LK, ALK, ALKN, ALKQN abbreviations (or the whole words); and drawings of the Lion and/or the King Master. Latin King symbolism is usually accompanied with the name and number of the chapter, region or city of the gang. The Latin Kings are of the People Nation, and therefore, represent everything to the “right” in opposition to the “left”, which is representative of the Folk Nation.

According to John H. Richardson in the February 1997 issue of the New York Magazine, “What also made the Kings different was their unique mixture of intense discipline, revolutionary politics and a homemade religion called “Kingism”–adding idealism and a bootcamp rigor to the usual gang camaraderie—a potent mixture for troubled ghetto kids whose lives lacked structure and hope”.

The Latin Kings operate under strict codes and guidelines that are conveyed in a lengthy constitution, and they follow the teachings of the King Manifesto.In this manifesto you can find traces of Marxism, Christianity,Confucianism and other revolutionary/historical world-views, which when combined make up the ideology and morality of “KINGISM”.

According to the Latin King Manifesto, there are three stages or cycles of Nation life that constitute Kingism. They are:

1.The Primitive Stage: wherein the neophyte member is expected to be immature and to be involved in such activities as gang-banging and being a street warrior without the full consciousness of Kingism.

2.The Conservative or Mummy Stage: which is where a member tires of the street gang life but is still accepting of life as it has been taught to him by the existing system that exploits all people of color, dehumanizes them, and maintains them under the conditions and social yoke of slavery.

3.The New King Stage: where the member “learns that his ills lie at the roots of a system completely alien to his train of thought and his natural development, due to the components of dehumanization that exist therein”.According to the Manifesto, “The New King is the end product of complete awareness, perceiving three-hundred and sixty degrees of enlightenment; his observations are free and independent; his thoughts are not clouded by any form of prejudice…For him there are no horizons between races, sexes and senseless labels”, including gang labels for recognition. The New King no longer views the rival warrior as the cause of his ills; instead, he fights against the Anti-King System (social injustices and inequality), a system which seeks to deny and oppress his people: the Oppressed Third World Peoples.

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ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe
ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe
ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe


ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe
ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe


ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe
ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe
ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe
ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe


ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh and Al Qaeda in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America, North America and Europe

King Motherland Chicago Latin KingsThe Chicago faction of the Latin Kings is recognized as the largest Hispanic street gang, and the largest Chicago-based street gang, in the United States. Although the original Chicago members were of Puerto Rican descent, most members are now Mexican-American. Unlike MS-13 and 18th Street gang—whose great portion of gang membership exists in Central and South America—the Latin Kings have a heavier presence within the United States. The gang has over 25,000 members in the city of Chicago alone and have organized chapters in over 41 states and several Latin American and European countries, including: Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Canada, Italy, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Portugal, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, United Kingdom and others. The Latin Kings are mostly of Latino descent, with some Black, White, Asian and Middle Eastern members as well.Violent HistoryViolence is the hallmark of the Chicago Latin Kings. In their beginnings, when they were not great in size, their brutal history and propensity for violence distinguished them from other Latino gangs in Chicago, making them equal players with the larger Black “Super Gangs”, such as the Gangster Disciples, the Almighty Vice Lord Nation and the Black P. Stones. The ALKN is the largest and most violent Hispanic street gang in Illinois. For example, in 2000 there were approximately 1600 self-admitted Latin Kings in the Illinois prison system, and these accounted for over half of all the recorded violent acts on prison personnel and other inmates, making the Latin Kings the most violent prison gang in Illinois(FBI Fiscal Report 2000).

















The Latin Kings are said to have roots that date back to the 1920s or 1930s in New York city but under a different name.  In the early half of the 20th century, many Puerto Rican immigrants moved to the city of New York, and as they arrived some began to form gangs and/or political movements that followed many ways of old Puerto Rico movements.  Some prominent groups were the Young Lords, FLN, and the Noble Knights (the likelihood that these Noble Knights have any relation to the Noble Knights from Cicero is minimal).  The most likely group that had any ties to the Latin Kings that arrived in Chicago later was the Noble Knights.  Oral traditions have stated that “Papa King” who was Latin King founder in Chicago was either a member of the Noble Knights or Young Lords.  The Young Lords did indeed arrive in Chicago and had a stronghold in Lincoln Park.  Either case the new Latin King Nation that was to arrive later would have connections to both Noble Knights and Young Lords.  There was another gang that formed in the early 60s known as the Noble Knights as well in Chicago on the corner of Noble and Huron; however, this was a white gang and more than likely had no ties to the Noble Knights of New York.  The Noble Knights of New York were a Puerto Rican political group while the Noble Knights in Chicago were a white greaser gang.  Some time more than likely in the late 1950s, Latin Kingism was started here in Chicago more than likely by Papa King.  Instead of using the old names from NYC, Papa King created “Kingism” which would become a new doctrine for his young soldiers to abide by.  I do not know the date of birth of Papa King but I do know that he was in his 40s when he was killed in 1988 which would make him born in the 1940s.  If he was born in the late 40s (1947-1949) then he could not have possibly formed LK in the late 50s on the account of him being only 8-12 years old.  (If anyone knows Papa King’s true date of birth hit us up at so that maybe I can figure a founding year for LK in Chicago).The Latin Kings were formed by Papa King also known as Papa Santos and his main counterparts: Jose Rivera AKA: Cadillac Joe, Eddie Rodriguez AKA: Tiger, Joe Gunn, and Fast Eddie. These men had the title of “King of Kings.” This is the most OG title you can have in the LKN.  The first faction of LKs was formed on the Southside on the corner of 18th and Wabash by Papa King according to oral stories. It is true that Papa King did have residence on the Southside in those days on that corner. Before that Papa King lived and originated in the city of New York and he was in a gang called the Young Lords until he came to Chicago. After he left the Southside, he took up residence on Leavitt and Schiller which began the main LK story/faction in Humboldt Park. According to some older members of the LKN in interviews, the LKs grew out of the Noble Knights. One of the very first trends of the LKN was to grow your hair into a very large afro; a Latin Kings had to do this back in the 60s. The last known LK that had one of these large afros was LK named “Crow” Rivera who died in prison from a drug smuggling attempt that went terribly wrong. The drugs were smuggled in a balloon that he put in his mouth, the balloon busted and he died. Rivera was the rank of “Inca” from Armitage and Kedzie. He died in Menard. The Latin Kings became a bigger success by the mid-60s; by 1964-1965 they had expanded further on the north side. By 1966 they were well recognized. One may ask how was it known about the LKs Well during the 1960s, Chicago was in the infancy of understanding street gangs. One method was to offer charity to street gangs. Government funded non-profit organizations were set up to send out counselors to find Gangs and talk to their leaders in order to get the gang members some help.

The Latin Kings were first discovered in 1961 but were worked with to a more wide scale amount by 1966 because they were growing larger and becoming more organized than ever. There are absolutely no records or evidence of any kind of the LKs existence before 1961. But that does not mean they absolutely did not exist, but it is more than likely they didn’t. The Latin Kings and other gangs were willing to work with social workers because they received government benefits from meeting with the social workers. The way it worked was if a gang was seen as a threat and acted real bad, they would get more benefits and other nice things (a real flaw in the system at that time); therefore, the Latin Kings took full advantage by acting real bad and then gaining more sympathy from the government. The more you acted the more special things you received is the best way to summarize it. Of course nowadays this system no longer is existent government no longer gives money or other goodies to gangs anymore. They even used to receive fun activities paid for by the government like boating, trips to other states, horseback ridding etc… Soon the Latin Kings spread influence to the South Side streets. Some gang researchers believe that the South side LKs came from the Royal Kings that was a gang that fought with Ambrose in the early to mid-60s. Then the LKs soon found beef with Ambrose. By the 1970s the LKN had grown considerably and was engaging in many major crimes and organized criminal activity. It was because of this the leader of the South side LKs known as “Baby King” or Raul Gonzalez and “Lord Gino” Gustavo Gino Colon leader of North side LKs, were incarcerated in 1972 for RICO charges.

In 1977 or 1978 the Latin Kings were suspected of robbing an armory (whether this true or not is unknown) The FBI arrested a top ranked gang member who was an LK for 20 years he was forced to inform on the LKs so he flipped and told the story while he was in another gang he said that in 1977 or 1978 the LKs robbed an armory and stole lots of high powered military weapons on North AVE and Kedzie. Whether this true or not is unknown but it was rumored that this was how the LKs ended up becoming heavily armed, they then traded some guns to the Insane Unknowns and the Spanish Lords because they were and still are close allies of LKs. In 1978 the Latin Kings not only joined but also helped form the people alliance along with the Vice Lords and the Elrukns. Throughout the 1980s the LKs convinced many white and Latino street gangs to join the people alliance. The LKs were heavily credited for convincing the Gaylords and the Insane Deuces into the people nation at the same time. In 1988 Papa King was killed leaving Lord Gino as the leader of the LKN in prison and Baby king as leader on the streets after his release. There have been many suspicions that Lord Gino ordered Papa King’s death because the two could not agree upon how the gang should be run. In 1991 the LKs began to engage in a wide scale of interalliance wars with other people nation gangs. One very well known interalliance war is the one between them and the Latin Counts. Even though the LKs don’t have many allies, they are still the third largest gang in Chicago and the largest Latino in Chicago and possibly the world.

North Side. Motherland / Humboldt Park , Spaulding Latin Kings

. Beach & Spaulding

. Division & Spaulding

. Hirsch & Spaulding

. LeMoyne & Spaulding
. Up-Town

. Berwyn & Winthrop

. Winona & Winthrop
. Armitage Ave. & Kedzie / Whipple

. Belmont Ave. & Central Park

. Berwyn & Hoyne “Area 51”

. Berwyn & Wolcott “Death Valley”

. Clark St. & Balmoral

. Clark St. & Bryn Mawr

. Clark St. & Caltalpa “Crack & Crime”

. Clark St. & Winnemac – “C20”

. Columbia & Ashland Ave.

. Damen Ave. & Crystal

. Drake & School

. Hirsch & Central Park

. Huron & Hoyne “Heaven & Hell”

. Kedzie & Cortez

. Lawrence Ave. & Ashland Ave.

. Lawrence Ave. & Kedzie “LK St.”

. Leland & Rockwell

. Leland & Virginia

. Montrose Ave. & Hazel

. Montrose Ave. , Damen Ave. to Ashland Ave. “Mackville”

. North Ave. / Cortland & Sawyer

. Paulina & Cullom

. Roscoe & Hoyne

. Rosemont & Claremont

. Rosemont & Richmond

. Schiller & Leavitt

. School & Lavergne “School Krazy”

. Whipple & Wabansia “Wild West”

. Lathrop Homes (Project LK’s) (shared w/ BPS’s & CVL’s)

Pulaski & Argyle “PAst”

South Side

. Chi-Town ,

. 21st & Albany

. 21st & California Ave. “Cal Two One”

. 23rd & Spaulding

. 23rd & Whipple

. 24th & Christiana

. 24th & Drake “Chi-Town Two Four”

. 24th & Marshall Blvd. (Boulevard LK’s)

. 24th & Sawyer

. 24th & St.Louis “Coulter Side” (Coulter LK’s)

. 24th & Trumbull “Two Four Trumbull”

. 25th & California Ave.

. 25th & Millard

. 25th & Spaulding “Spanish Harlem”

. 27th & Drake

. 27th & Homan

. 28th & Lawndale (Lawndale LK’s)

. 30th & Sawyer “Redrum City”

. 30th & Trumbull

. 31st & Drake “Drake Side”
. 33rd & Morgan (Morgan LK’s) {Bridgeport Homes}
. 49th & Lotus (Midway LK’s)
. 51st & Ada

. 52nd & Marshfield (shared w/ BPS’s)
Crown Town ,

. 51st & Campbell

. 51st & Homan (51 HLK’s)

. 52nd & Talman

. 53rd & Albany

. 53rd & Mozart

. 56th & Sacramento

. 58th & Hamlin “Five Eight Homicide”
82nd & Houston
. Bush LK’s ,

. 83rd & Buffalo

. 84th & Burley
. 88th & Exchange “88 D-Hate”

. 89th & Muskegon

. 89th & Escanaba
. 96th & Ave. M “96 No-Limit”

. 97th & Ewing

. 99th & Ewing “99 Ruthless”
104th & Ave. L “Murda Ave”

. 113th & Langley (Pullman LK’s)

. Madison & Kensington (Roseland LK’s)
. Addison,IL

. Aurora,IL “A-Town”

. Berwyn,IL : 19th / 21st & Lombard

. Blue Island,IL

. Bradley,IL

. Calumet City,IL

. Carpentersville,IL

. Chicago Heights,IL

. Cicero,IL

. Des Plaines,IL : Dempster & Dee Rd.

. Dolton,IL : 147th & Michigan

. East Moline,IL

. Elgin,IL

. Evanston,IL

. Glendale Heights,IL

. Glenview,IL

. Hanover Park,IL

. Hodgkins,IL : Lenzi Ave. (Lenzi LK’s)

. Joliet,IL “J-Town”

. Kankakee,IL

. Lockport,IL

. Maywood,IL : 5th Ave. & Lake

. Mt.Prospect,IL

. Palatine,IL

. Plainfield,IL “Paradise”

. Rockford,IL

. Rolling Meadows,IL

. Romeoville,IL

. Stone Park,IL : 37th & Soffel

. Argo,IL : 61st & Harlem Ave./ 62nd & Harlem (Harlem LK’s)

. Waukegan,IL
. Ft.Lauderdale & Miami,Fl

. Norcross,Ga

. East Chicago,In

. Hammond,In

. Davenport & Des Moines,Ia

. Kansas City,Mo

. Las Vegas,Nv

. Jersey City & Union City,Nj

. Bronx,Brooklyn,New York City & Queens,Ny

. Philadelphia,Pa “Philly”

. Austin,El Paso,Houston & San Antonio,Tx

. Waukesha,Madison & Milwaukee “Mil-Town”,Wi

. Other sets throughout the country

. Mexico , Puerto Rico

Former Known Sets

. Argyle & Washtenaw

. Armitage / Point & California Ave.

. Armitage & Sheffield

. Augusta Blvd. & Kedzie / Sacramento

. Beach & Homan

. Belmont Ave. & Sacramento

. Cortland & Damen Ave. / Hoyne “Bucktown”

. Diversey Ave. & Major

. Divsion & Wolcott “D-Dub”

. North Ave. & Bosworth

. North Ave. & Central Park

. North Ave. & Leavitt

. Pierce & St.Louis

. Peterson & California Ave.

. Peterson & Fairfield

. Roscoe & Halsted

. Wellington & Kilpatrick
. 24th & Millard

. 25th & Coulter (Coulter LK’s)

. 27th & Millard

. 35th & Halsted

. 51st & Lotus “Mark Twain Schoolyard” (Midway LK’s)

. 71st & Avers

. 71st & Spaulding

. 89th & Commercial

. 98th & Ave. L “98 Outlaws”
. Aurora,IL “A-Town”: 4th & Flagg

. Bedford Park,IL : 75th & Nottingham (Nottingham Boyz)

. Bridgeview,IL

. Bensenville,IL

. Berwyn,IL: 14th & Ridgeland ,19th & Grove

. Cicero,IL : 14th & 51st “The Ghetto” ,13th & Central ,Cermak Rd. & 57th Ave.

. Rochelle,IL

. Rockford,IL :Ashland & Rockford

. West Chicago,IL

. Milwaukee,Wi “Mil-Town”: 12th & Rogers




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