Jihadi Telegram Channels Using Internet Archive To Spread Content From ISIS, Al-Qaeda, And Other Groups Eg. Ummah News and Khilafah News

Jihadi Telegram Channels Using Internet Archive To Spread Content From ISIS, Al-Qaeda, And Other Groups Eg. Ummah News and Khilafah News



In 2011, MEMRI began monitoring jihadi groups utilizing the Internet Archive (Archive.org) to spread their pronadia-muradpaganda, and the site has proven a jihadi favorite, as content is rarely removed from the site.[1]  According to its website, the Internet Archive is “a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library” by cataloguing files and web pages that would otherwise be no longer accessible to internet users.[2]

Online jihad supporters have been utilizing the Internet Archive as a file storage database and a venue for distributing their propaganda materials, as well as applications and file-sharing links, which are then shared by Telegram channels promoting the messages of jihadi groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

The following report highlights examples of files in multiple media formats of media posted on the Internet Archive and linked to by jihadi Telegram channels.  File types include videos, audio fles, PDFs, and file-sharing torrents.


Video Files And Pictorial Reports

This channel shared a video playlist by Al-Hussam Al-Zarqawi Foundation, which includes various pro-ISIS and Al-Qaeda montages:


The Telegram channel “Islamic State Productions” shared a promotional video for an ISIS app that teaches children supplication:


This video, commemorating the Pulse Nightclub attack by Omar Mateen in Orlando, Florida was shared by the Telegram channel “Updates from the Islamic State”:


A link to Islamic State radio broadcast Al-Bayan, which is posted daily in multiple languages:


 Pictorial report showing the execution of Iraqi soldiers by ISIS:


Video “The Footsteps of Conquerors” was shared, along with a link to Justpaste.it by the channel “Light of the Caliphate”:


The video “They Might Cease” was shared by the channel “Clashing of Swords”:


The video “And You’ll Be Superior” was shared by the channel “The Clashing of Swords”:


The video “With Patience and Certainty You Will Be Victorious,” detailing ISIS operations in Sinai was shared on the channel “The Strangers”:


The video “Glad Tidings to the Patient” was also posted on “The Strangers” Telegram channel:


 Al-Battar Media’s video “Who’s Next?” was released after the truck attack in Nice, France and promised more bloodshed on Western soil:


The video “The Nice Attack And The Crocodile Tears” showed graphic images of dead children in Syria to highlight the alleged “hypocrisy” of France:


Torrents And File Download Links

This news update from the fourth week of the month of Sha’ban was shared in a Torrent file by the channel “Islamic State Productions”:


A Torrent file to download archival content from ISIS’s official publishing house, Al-Himma Library, released between the years 1435-1437 (2013-2015) was shared by the channel “Islamic State Productions”:


MP3 Files

A Koran recitation of chapter 11 released by ISIS’s audio production company, Ajnad, was shared in mp3 format:


PDF And Text Files

AQAP’s magazine Al-Masra shared in PDF format:


The monthly Taliban magazine Al-Somood in PDF format:


A pamphlet titled “From the Inspiration of Fallujah,” written by the late Abu Anas Al-Shami, who was the head of the Shari’a Committee for Jama’at Al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad, ISIS’s precursor in Iraq:


The ISIS news updates were shared in PDF format by the channel “Light of the Caliphate”:


This video, titled “Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation 2: Do Not Be Divided,” featuring Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, was shared by the “Al-Firdaws” English-language channel:


This Taliban video of a jihadi training camp was shared by the “Al-Firdaws” English-language channel:


Video featuring Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri: “Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation 3: Fear Allah in the Matter of Iraq”:


This is a link to issue 49 of ISIS’s weekly newsletter Al-Naba’:


AQIM Video titled “Benghazi… And The Battlefield of Patience”:



[1] See MEMRI CJL report Al-Qaeda, Jihadis Infest the San Francisco, California-Based ‘Internet Archive’ Library, August 20, 2011.

[2] Archive.org/about


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