Islamic State Hacking Division (United Cyber Caliphate or UCC) is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America

Islamic State Hacking Division (United Cyber Caliphate or UCC) is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America


Islamic State Hacking Division or United Cyber Caliphate refers to any number of group self-identifying as the digital army for Islamic State. The cyber security group had pledged allegiance to Islamic State and its objectives in late 2014. Their recent claims and hacks have led FBI director James Comey to state that his agency does not yet have the capabilities to limit ISIS attempts to recruit Americans through social media.[1][2]

In the recent attacks by ISHD they managed to deface websites and D-DOS many other.[citation needed]

A list of names and details said to be of American military personnel was released by unknown parties who said they were part of the ISHD, but doubts were raised on the source and nature of the data. [3]

Recently CCA (the group’s new name) has attacked a number of NGO websites with the redirection to their own web pages as a method of defacement.


The hacktivist group emerged as Cyber Caliphate with allegedly four prominent hackers including Junaid Hussain (later killed in a US airstrike in Raqqa). By early 2016, the hacker group was decentralized and usually performed lone wolf attacks at multiple targets (websites of coalition countries). By March 2016, the group was still sub-divided into four divisions namely; ‘Ghost Caliphate Section’, ‘Sons Caliphate Army’, ‘Cyber Caliphate Army’ and ‘Kalachnikv E-security team’. Cyber Caliphate Army being the prominent group among the four. In April 2016, all the four groups united as ‘United Cyber Caliphate’ and the news was broadcast through their Telegram channel and other social-media accounts.

In June 2016, the Middle East Media Research Institute located, and shared with media, an alleged list of approximately 8,300 people around the world as potential lone-wolf attack targets.[4][5] Nine other similar lists of targets have been discovered between February and June 2016.[6]


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