Fuqursec: Anonymous can do OpKKK, OpIceISIS, OpJihadi, OpDaesh, OpJihadi, OpISIS, OpDomesticTerrorism and OpPedo but not OpCartel. Anonymous is afraid to Mexican Drug Cartels like the Los Zetas Drug Cartel in Mexico. Political Islam, ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are now in Southern Mexico and Latin America and Europe

Fuqursec: Anonymous can do OpKKK, OpIceISIS, OpJihadi, OpDaesh, OpJihadi, OpISIS, OpDomesticTerrorism and OpPedo but not OpCartel. Anonymous is afraid to Mexican Drug Cartels like the Los Zetas Drug Cartel in Mexico. Political Islam, ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are now in Southern Mexico and Latin America and Europe


















Harassment: Ongoing harassment and doxing since March 2016

Platform: twitter
Submitter: .


Myself and a group of my friends, mainly women have been the targets of ongoing online harassment, stalking, doxing, and and overt attempt to link us to jihadist groups like ISIS. These people have engaged in a relentless campaign of lies, defamation and character assassination since the beginning of June 2016 and continue to do so every day. They have doxed every one of us and while most of the doxes were incorrect, a couple were correct including mine. My phone has been hacked, they have forged fake screenshots of apparent tweets or messages I have made, attempted to smear me as being linked to ISIS (I don’t know any ISIS or affiliate with any group) and posted all our information on pastebins – some of which we have managed to get deleted. They have even gone to the lengths of creating a doxing website with all our details on it called fuqursec.com. They have also created a number of mirror domains that redirect back to the website and also created two botnets. One botnet is used for mass suspension reporting and the other botnet is used for mass spam tweeting of our doxes. To date we have counted around 4000 twitter accounts they do this from. Details of those accounts can be seen here: – https://binarybin.org/683/ https://binarybin.org/684/ https://binarybin.org/685/ https://binarybin.org/686/ Whenever someone stands up to try and defend us, they are immediately attacked, doxed and some of those people have also been added to their website. Thankfully these attacks have to date only been on Twitter although we have noticed a small spill over on facebook. Also, thankfully the perpetrators of this ongoing harassment have not found my other persona which I have developed on other places on the internet but have kept it away from twitter in case they connect the two. I am at the point where everytime I reactivate my main twitter account – which is not my original main account because they game the twitter reporting/suspension system with their botnet and keep suspending me – I am attacked within hours of coming back on twitter.

Again I am thankful that they haven’t posted any revenge porn on me and the only reason they haven’t is because they don’t have access to my intimate images. They have and continue to post revenge porn on a couple of my friends. Two of my friends suffer mental illness such as bi polar and they constantly laugh and harass them for that. Over this period, all of my friends including myself have suffered depression and anxiety to varying degrees which is affecting us in real life. Two more of my friends have received threatening phone calls, one of the perpetrators left a voice message on her answering service and another of my friends was the recent victim of being ‘swatted’, however the person who was swatted is a stranger because it was based on a failed dox. What’s worse now is that after 8 months of constant daily harassment and all our personal information put up on a website attempting to link us to a myriad of lies and fantastic stories, they have sent out another mass tweet with another pastebin complaining of us harassing them which of course isn’t entirely true. Yes my friends have attempted to stand up to this group of people and we are silenced with yet another round of doxes, trolling, mass spam tweeting and false report suspensions. I have made a formal complaint to my country’s ACORN | Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network and I’m still waiting for a reply from them. A couple other of my friends have complained to the American FBI and I think another has reported to Canada’s CSIS. We will continue to report of this ongoing harassment but to date none of us have heard back from our country’s respective national law enforcement. One of my friends did a google search just last night on her name and the number one search result was their website which is awful because she’s currently looking for work and any prospective employer will see this disgusting information about her. No matter how many times we report the harassment to Twitter, they don’t seem to do anything about it and it’s frustrating because we are systematically being pushed off twitter. this group of people attack us with new fake accounts every day and engage in the activity of tweeting and then deleting in the attempt to hide what they are doing. At this stage the only reason I am still there (although very quiet) is because I feel I have a right to be online just like anybody else. In the meantime, I need support, advocacy, information and help in knowing how to deal with this ongoing case of bullying which I believe is only going to escalate. Please help.



2. https://www.mhpbooks.com/fourth-blogger-killed-by-mexican-cartel-opcartel-spokesman-on-the-run/

3. http://www.seeker.com/anonymous-spokesman-flees-over-safety-concerns-1765504062.html


From Slashgear:

In the next attempt to actually do something good was a battle against some of the Mexican drug cartels that are being so violent. The plan by Anonymous was to out the details on people that were helping the cartels. Plans were to release details on taxi drivers, journalists, police, and others assisting the Zeta cartel.

The problem was that some security experts reported that the drug cartel was hiring security experts to track down the members of Anonymous that participated. The alleged abduction of a member of Anonymous was apparently some of the reason for the plan. Some of the Anonymous members are now saying that abduction never happened. Anonymous has since backed away from its plan to out Zeta helpers. Anonymous won’t release any details on the Zeta cartel out of fear that people will be killed.

From Melville House:

Mexican drug cartel Zetas killed and beheaded a blogger in Nuevo Laredo, a city “all but” controlled by the violent gang. The blogger “posted news of shootouts and other activities of the Zetas” on the blog El Vivo. He was found with a note ”This happened to me for not understanding that I shouldn’t report on the social networks.”

From Seeker:

Though Anonymous apparently called off their Operation Cartel (#OpCartel) after Los Zetas allegedly returned the kidnapped victim, Barrett Brown has decided to flee his Dallas home over concerns for his security.  On Nov. 8, he tweeted, “I’ve got ex-military people releasing info on me and family. Have to leave Texas.”


Link: https://web.archive.org/web/20161013062215/https:/twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%40ThelmaDickins&src=typd


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