Córdoba TV is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America

Córdoba TV is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America



Canal Córdoba Internacional is a thematic channel with space for culture, information, children, religion or science, directed to the whole Spanish-speaking world and made from an Islamic perspective, that transcends the limits of the religious area to make known to Muslims and Islam in their broader social dimension.

Córdoba Internacional is aimed at all groups of viewers, regardless of their age, level of education, culture or religion, with a modern and direct message, but with an exquisite performance that aims to create a safe space for all, where Television does not seek its own benefit but the benefit of the viewer, who will always bring out something good every minute you see.

The channel will seek to be a leader in social, cultural and civil development through television, which is not entertainment without benefit, but entertaining and illustrative in equal parts, spreading the universal principles of Islam as a way of life of peace and tolerance for all Humanity, with the clear intention to build bridges of communication between civilizations in Spanish language.

The space between the media that will try to occupy the channel of Cordoba, is characterized by three basic principles:

A modern presentation in its content and style of presentation, which expresses the rich cultural heritage of Islam, which responds to the needs of our era through best practices available, that exposes with intelligence and criteria human values that understand the current historical conjuncture , Without rigidity or stagnation.
A highly professional communication style, using the latest technology and the best experts, having a sense of rhythm and qualities that allow us to reach the desired goal of being an entertaining and illustrative channel without prejudice to neither.
Open information intellectually and culturally, considered with life and people, enriched by the historical interaction of the Muslim people with all the cultures of the world for so many centuries, aware that today the world is a global village, with no room for Isolation and discrimination and that Muslims have much to contribute to the world, to achieve true globality.

The combination of these three main characteristics: Today, professionalism and a position of intellectual and cultural breadth, are our most precious tool to spread human values, achieve peaceful coexistence, cultural interaction and security of all peoples of the world .


To be leaders in the presentation of the reality of Islam in audiovisual media, as a religion of mercy and peace for all peoples of the world, building bridges of understanding between Muslims and practitioners of other religions and ideologies of the Hispanic world. To create the necessary bases for the consideration of the Muslims not as an orientalized topic but as a global reality that shares space in equal conditions with the rest, obtaining that the image of Islam is normalized and its polarization is avoided.

One of the most serious problems that a culture, ethnicity, language or religion can suffer is that it is stigmatized through topics that are hyperbolized through the media, especially in some formats that can be licensed Such as fiction. Cordoba International comes to give a much broader vision of what Islam is and the great difference that exists between Muslims of different cultures, languages and traditions, with almost two billion Muslims living in practically all regions Of the planet.


Thematic channel that presents content of general character from the Islamic perspective for the world of Spanish speech. Your message will always be illustrative, neither advertising nor demagogic, but real, direct and above all accompanied by maximum professionalism, criteria and television rhythm. In Córdoba Internacional we believe in an entertaining television, enjoyable and at the same time be of benefit.

The message that is elaborated in the drafting of Cordova Internacional always seeks to build bridges of dialogue to reach beneficial conclusions. The message, moreover, is not unidirectional, but is based on the pulse of its audience, the feedback, and the society to which it is directed, in order to answer the questions, doubts and needs of those who wish to take advantage of the Opportunity to learn to respect others to grow as people.


Contribute to the spread of Islam according to its authentic sources and offer a clear and concise answer to all the doubts and misunderstandings that may come to those who see us. Have the best communicators to respond to this demand of m


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