Control Security or CtrlSec: OpKKK, OpPedo and OpISIS are Lame but scared to do OpCartel. Anonymous is afraid to Mexican Drug Cartels of Mexico, and Political Islam is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America

Control Security or CtrlSec: OpKKK, OpPedo and OpISIS are Lame but scared to do OpCartel. Anonymous is afraid to Mexican Drug Cartels of Mexico, and Political Islam is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America


From Dailydot:

Per official policy that a Twitter spokesperson stressed to the Daily Dot, the company doesn’t actively seek out accounts to ban. Instead, it relies heavily on users moderating each other. So, as much as IS wants to create new accounts, stymying the militants and their propaganda is a task led almost entirely by other Twitter users.

That’s how I came across @CtrlSec, a movement that began as an offshoot of #OpISIS, itself an offshoot of Anonymous hackers and supporters who want to fight the terrorist group from their computers. Their goal is simple: to identify and report as many ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts as they can. To be the mallet in the never ending game of whack a mole.

One CtrlSec leader, who refused to reveal his name, told the Daily Dot that as of March 9, the group has identified 11,660 accounts. Of those, 9,524 have been suspended, he said, and 102 were deleted entirely, likely by the user. Just over 2,000 ISIS accounts spotted by CtrlSec remain active.

CtrlSec gets more advanced than just searching for a hashtag and filing reports, the leader said, enlisting native Arabic speakers who pretend to be sympathizers in order to be introduced to more reclusive ISIS members. But when going for bulk identification, CtrlSec uses the very openness of Twitter—the same openness that helped ISIS spread its propaganda—against it.

“We also see what they publish online to spread to their followers, so basically they are telling us their plans,” he said. “I can’t count on my hands how many confused rage death threats I have gotten lol.”

I asked him why ISIS might have started blocking me after initially answering my questions. They are propagandists, after all, and I was always straightforward about being a journalist asking them about their methods.

“They have also gone so far and said that all the people who follow CtrlSec is behind the account.”

They’re confused, he said, lashing out despite their apparent social media skill.

“They’re fishing with dynamite.”




From Slashgear:

In the next attempt to actually do something good was a battle against some of the Mexican drug cartels that are being so violent. The plan by Anonymous was to out the details on people that were helping the cartels. Plans were to release details on taxi drivers, journalists, police, and others assisting the Zeta cartel.

The problem was that some security experts reported that the drug cartel was hiring security experts to track down the members of Anonymous that participated. The alleged abduction of a member of Anonymous was apparently some of the reason for the plan. Some of the Anonymous members are now saying that abduction never happened. Anonymous has since backed away from its plan to out Zeta helpers. Anonymous won’t release any details on the Zeta cartel out of fear that people will be killed.

From Melville House:

Mexican drug cartel Zetas killed and beheaded a blogger in Nuevo Laredo, a city “all but” controlled by the violent gang. The blogger “posted news of shootouts and other activities of the Zetas” on the blog El Vivo. He was found with a note ”This happened to me for not understanding that I shouldn’t report on the social networks.”

From Seeker:

Though Anonymous apparently called off their Operation Cartel (#OpCartel) after Los Zetas allegedly returned the kidnapped victim, Barrett Brown has decided to flee his Dallas home over concerns for his security.  On Nov. 8, he tweeted, “I’ve got ex-military people releasing info on me and family. Have to leave Texas.”


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