Amazonian Tribes and Tupi the Muslim Guerrillas of Amazon Brazil ISIS Islamic State (ISIL / IS) Daesh – Al Qaeda Caliphate

Amazonian Tribes and Tupi the Muslim Guerrillas of Amazon Brazil ISIS Islamic State (ISIL / IS) Daesh – Al Qaeda Caliphatee



The Tupi people were one of the most important indigenous peoples in Brazil. Scholars believe they first settled in the Amazon rainforest, but 2900 years ago they started to spread southward and gradually occupied the Atlantic coast.[1]



The Tupi people inhabited almost all of Brazil’s coast when the Portuguesefirst arrived there. In 1500, their population was estimated at 1 million people, nearly equal to the population of Portugal at the time. They were divided intotribes, each tribe numbering from 300 to 2,000 people. Some examples of these tribes are: Tupiniquim, Tupinambá, Potiguara, Tabajara, Caetés,Temiminó, Tamoios. The Tupi utilised agriculture and therefore satisfied aNeolithic condition. They grew cassava, corn, sweet potatoes, beans, peanuts, tobacco, squash, cotton and many others. There was not a unified Tupi identity[citation needed] despite the fact that they were a single ethnic group that spoke a common language.


European colonization

From the 16th century onward, the Tupi, like other natives from the region, were assimilated, enslaved, killed by diseases such as smallpox[2] or Portuguese settlers and Bandeirantes (colonial Brazilscouts), nearly leading to their complete annihilation, with the exception of a few isolated communities. The remnants of these tribes are today confined to Indian reservations or acculturated to some degree into the dominant society.[3]



Update: Isis ally in Brazil, the Brazil Caliphate pledged allegiance to the Islamic State ISIS and want to attack games of the Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Just build Islamic ISIS power in the Amazon Forest at all the Brazil land borders. Convert the Indigenous Amazonian tribes of Amazon, Tupi and Guarani to Islam.


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